North East Caucasus

May / October 2015 every week


Start Place: Iflis
End Place: Trabzon
Tour Duration:  6 night 7 days
Child Reduction:
Tour Type: Culture
Min-Max Participant: 5/14
Participant Age: 7/70
Difficulty Level: *



  • 1.Gün: İstanbul-Tiflis uçağı ile Tiflise varış. Havaalanında grubu karşılama. Hotel’e transfer. Akşam Yemeği, Konaklama.
  • 2. Gün: Sabah kahvaltısının ardından rehberimizle birlikte aracımızla otelden ayrılıyoruz. Gezilecek yerler Metekhi kilisesi ( XII. YY ), Abanotubani, Narikala Kalesi, Gürcü Sanat ve Tarih Müzesi. Daha sonra Rustaveli Caddesi boyunca gezinti ve serbest zaman. Otele dönüş, Akşam yemeği ve konaklama.
  • 3. Gün: Kahvaltı sonrası Batum’a hareket. Yol boyunca Mtskheta bölgesinde Gürcistan’ın eski başkentinin bulunduğu yerde Jvari, Sveti-Tskhoveli gezilip, Gori şehrine doğru yolumuza devam ediyoruz. Ünlü Sovyet devlet adamı Stalin’in doğduğu kent olan Gori’de müzesi, evi ve seyahatleri esnasında kullandığı vagonu gezme imkânını bulacağız. Yine yolumuz üzerinde bulunan Gürcistan’ın ikinci büyük kenti Kutaisi’de öğle yemeği, sonrası Batum’a varıyoruz. Batum Şehir Parkı gezisinden sonra Otele transfer oluyoruz. Akşam yemeği Batum’un ünlü Restoranı Gemi-Taverna’da.
  • 4.Gün: Batumdaki ünlü Botanik Bahçesini ve Gürcü Kilisesini ziyaret ettikten sonra, ve Sarp Sınır kapısından Türkiye’ye giriş yapıyoruz. Hopa, Arhavi, Fındıklı, Ardeşen Çamlıhemşin ilçesindeki Ekodanitap Natural Life’a yerleşiyoruz. Akşam yemeği ve konaklama.
  • 5.Gün: Pazar ilçesine dönerek Çamlıhemşin’e varıyoruz. Fırtına Vadisi boyunca, Tarihi köprüler, konaklar ve tarihi Zilkale Kalesini ziyaret ediyoruz, dönüp Ayder Yaylası gezisi ve istenirse Kaplıca dinlencesi yapıyoruz. Çamlıhemşindeki yöresel akşam yemeğinin ardından tekrar Ekodanitap’a dönüp akşam yemeği yiyip konaklıyoruz.
  • 6.Gün: Kahvaltı sonrası Uzungöl’e hareket ediyoruz. Uzungöldeki Yayla gezintilerinin ardından Trabzon’a varıyoruz. Ayasofya kilisesini ziyaret edip, şehir gezisinden ardından Otel’e transfer oluyoruz. Akşam yemeği ve Konaklama Otelde.
  • 7.Gün: Kahvaltının ardından Altındere Milli parkına giriyoruz ve Sumela Manastırı ziyaretinden sonra Trabzon Havalimanına transfer oluyoruz.

  • Ekodanitap Natural Life
  • Lapera Pension

Come by plane on Sunday morning with the aircraft at Trabzon airport, Will prefer to move the highway Saturday will participate in Sunday's Sunday Bus. 14 +1 rounds along transportation is also minibus.
Picnic lunch with soup in the beginning, salads and hot protein (meat type) and the ongoing and dessert (usually candy or dried fruit) ended with menus ... morning and evening meal accommodation units in the restaurant section, usually the traditional Turkey but also delicious cuisine dishes. ..

  • A small backpack (and your daily walk in the spare items you put your stores about 25 lt. Knapsack)
  • Walking shoes or Sandalet (wrist grip, high-heeled non-bottom hardness and abundant at the base of the handle)
  • Sports footwear (except walk and your clothes will be available as space-light spare shoes)
  • Raincoat (Preferably poncho that we, through our broad and abundant head and body covering our apparatus)
  • Sweat-shirt (long sleeved fleece or synthetic upper garment)
  • T-shirt (synthetic, sweat on the violator)
  • Pants (synthetic or polar, premature drying, wide-cut, two sufficient)
  • Shorts (hot day can be shorts or pants for-)
  • Mayo (glacial lakes, hot springs, or to enter into the Black Sea)
  • Drink Cup

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What's included in the tour prices

All the transfers (with jeep and minibus), full board accomodation, tea breaks, basic camping equipment (tents, sleeping bags and mats) and guiding service are included. The user is responsible for any damage to the camping equipment.



All wooden and constructed in the traditional style, called 'kurtboğazı' (please see Hemşin houses part). Rooms with 2 or 3 beds. Shared toilets and showers.



  • During the camping tours, the equipment and food are carried by donkeys. Private belongings and waste will be carried by the hiker herself/himself (if the burden is not more than 10 kg).
  • The hikers should be dressed conveniently for the sharp climate changes. They should be ready for the hot, as well as cold and rainy times. Water-proof boots, polar sweaters and pants, plenty of underware and socks, raincoat, swimming suit, hat, sunglasses, a small torch and pocket knife are required.
  • It is important to be in coordination and cooperation especially at the campsites. During the walks, hikers should stay as a close group (especially while ascending), should never have the guide out of sight, should not cary any unnecessary burden or try short-cuts and should always counsel their guide. No unnecessary returns will be made, during ascending or descending.


Degree of difficulty

We commend incipients trekking activities to start lowest level of diffuculties. This is necessary even their conditions are well. Even the ones that have a break in the past is the past how difficult course they belong to, starting from levels one to two degrees of back benefits. Sometimes these situations, even for business contacts are required to have a break. There are six classified degrees of diffuculties :

  • 1st Degree: Walking less slope. So little is done to raise output. Climbing will not exceed 100 meters. Paths are wide. Total walking time should not exceed 2 hours. Beginners and non-health problems anyone can join walking.
  • 2nd Degree: Walking less slope. Not exceeding 300 meters in total light climbing. Difference from 1st degree is usually its period. Total walking time should not exceed 3.5 hours. It is eligible for everyone who joined few light hiking before.
  • 3th Degree: Walking slope is increasing now. Contains climbing not exceeding 500 meters. More from the narrow path, sometimes more frequently in forested areas may have to pass çarşak areas. Transition is concentrated in the wet. Total walking time should not exceed 5 hours. The walk is suitable for anyone whose condition is good and who had trekking experience before.
  • 4th Degree: Slope starts to become more than a walk. Climbing is 700 meters. Pathways are thoroughly broken in some places and some places there are not. We are walking more rocky and pebble land. Trekking period will not exceed 6.5 hours. It is eligible for people who are good at sport and condition.
  • 5th Degree: Walking is more difficult and longer slope. Climbing begins to move 1000 meters. Hard bodied, stony, rocky and the trail is free to areas. Forested areas is very difficult. Wet passes are also available. Guide must be very experienced. Total walking time 8 hours is found. Although technical outputs include sports, physical fitness of experienced and well-experienced developers are suitable for hiking.
  • 6th Degree: Slope is substantially too much. It includes undulating lands. Climbing can find 1500 meters, requiring a long-term follow-up route. The march of progress is difficult terrain. Accommodation(camp) can be made when it is necessary. Walking time is 8 hours and over. It requires experience, attention, physical fitness, knowledge and discipline.


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